Remy Human Hair Extensions

I can supply Lace Closures, Lace Frontals, 360 Lace Frontals and Weave Hair extensions to create your new look

Dee's Hair

We only use the Virgin Remy pony tail hair that comes from one hair donor and which is also sometimes referred to as ‘cut hair’. The majority of hair sold in the industry is not true Virgin Remy human hair. I have spent a lot of time and effort to find and source the highest quality of true Virgin Remy human hair available.

Most companies strip the hair cuticle in an acid-bath. The hair I use and recommend does not use this method in an effort to keep the hair cuticles intact which therefore makes the hair stronger and less prone to tangling unlike most other brands available. The hair I use and recommend has not been chemically permed to make it wavy or curly, it is instead steamed to set in the curl. The hair is wrapped with steam rods and then steamed to set.

I only use Single Drawn ponytail Virgin Remy hair. This ensures that all of the hair is in one direction and all roots will be at one end of the hair bundle. This high quality process allows a very small percentage of hair to be outside the specified length of a bundle. This process keeps the hair from tangling after it has been bleached or dyed. The hair I use and recommend comes in natural black and is not dyed. The hair is first sealed using special glues and then made it into a single weft. A triple weft is then made to make the hair much stronger to prevent excessive shedding.

Virgin Remy Indian
Virgin Remy Peruvian
Virgin Remy Brazilian
Virgin Remy Malaysian

My goal is to make you feel more beautiful by providing Personalised real hair solutions that feel and move just like your own hair. I believe the only person who should know it is not your hair should be you and your hairstylist.

Hair extensions - A quick guide

If you are starting out, I highly recommend using Virgin Brazilian Remy hair because it blends easily with many types of hair textures, is very durable, straightens easily (if you use a flat iron) and holds curls for a long time.

10A Grade. Hair colour natural black. (looks like 1b) Hair can be dyed

Virgin Brazilian Remy hair:

This is my best selling type of virgin hair because not only is it very soft and durable, it is also ideal for a full look, as the Brazilian hair has a thick hair strand. Virgin Brazilian Remy hair is also very easy to blend with for Afro hair regardless of their natural hair texture. I highly recommend Virgin Brazilian Remy hair for women who have relaxed hair or are transitioning to their natural hair and need something that looks natural on them. With it’s high density, Virgin Brazilian Remy hair will hold curls for a long time as well.

Virgin Remy Malaysian Hair:

Very light weight and soft and almost as popular as Virgin Brazilian Remy hair. Virgin Malaysian Remy hair is silkier than Virgin Brazilian Remy hair. It blends very well with Afro hair and also with the hair of people with Asian heritage.

Virgin Peruvian Remy hair:

This is my silkiest hair that I offer and it is popular for people who are looking for natural straight or relaxed Yaki hair textures. It is also very light and you can easily wear many bundles without it weighing down your head. It does not swell too much and it straightens very easily when a flat iron is used.

Virgin Indian Remy hair:

Hair that is donated to Indian temples and the donors are usually from India. Virgin Indian Remy hair is very versatile and easily blends with Afro, Caucasian and Asian hair textures. It is more course than both Virgin Peruvian Remy and Virgin Malaysian Remy.

Hair Bundle Deals

Delivery: 10-14 days

Individual Bundles

Delivery: 10-14 days

Virgin Lace Closures

Delivery: 10-14 days

Virgin Lace frontals

Delivery: 10-14 days

360 Virgin Frontals

Delivery: 10-14 days

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