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With over 30 years experience in braiding, I mastered the art at a tender age of 12 in Africa.

I did my courses in Braiding and hair extensions for African and Caucasian hair. To broaden my knowledge in the industry I also did Beauty Therapy.

I aim to continue doing wonders in the world of Hair Braiding: Box braids, Cornrows, Dutch braids, Crotchet braids, Hair Weaves, LA Weaves, Feedins and Nano Extensions. I love my clients and my job. It’s my passion!

What can I do for you?


Weaves Wefts of hair extensions sewn onto cornrowed hair . Depending on your natural hair determines how the extensions will blend with your hair . You can also use closures for that natural look .


Braids are formed by interlacing three or two strands of synthetic or 100 % human hair onto the hair .


Cornrows hair is braided close to the scalp . Extensions can be used or just free hand . Cornrows are often straight lines but they can be styled in detail symmetrical designs .


Feedins with cornrows you start each line with a knot , extensions are added in to mix with your hair – with braids you can feedin the hair for length or fullness .

Box Braids

Box Braids  are parted in square forms or triangles in chunky or thin braids using synthetic hair extensions .

Pick & Drop

Pick and Drop extensions attached by strands onto real hair and only plaiting a few centimetres and leaving . This works well for hair less than 10cm . Best hair to use is synthetic .

Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids- the braid is on the outside . You can also use the feedin technique for fullness and length .

LA Weave

LA Weave  micro beads , hair wefts , thread and a needle are used to apply . It’s very natural looking and comfortable . Lasts 6-8 weeks depending on rate of your hair growth .

Crotchet Braids/Hair

Crotchet Braids / Hair – it’s a technique that involves crocheting braids or synthetic hair on cornrowed hair using a crotchet hook .

Pricing details

Box Braids

£ 80 /From

Dutch Braids

£ 20 /From


£ 25 /From


£ 50 /From


£ 50 /From

Pick & Drop

£ 50 /From


£ 65 /From

LA Weave

£ 120 /From

including Hair Extensions

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